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Daily Blueprint: Mapping Out The Day

Timber Tops Day Home - Athens, Ohio Daycare

Our focus is on providing a well-rounded and safe environment for your child's development. We prioritize outdoor play, ensure restful quiet time, maintain transportation options, and carefully manage water activities.

Outdoor Play: Outdoor play is a daily priority in our program, weather permitting. Safety is paramount, and we adjust outdoor time based on temperature and inclement weather. Gross motor activities are provided indoors when necessary, ensuring supervision and the use of appropriate clothing.

Quiet Time: Every day from 1-3 pm, we observe a quiet time. We accommodate varying nap schedules for young children, ensuring a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. Infants are placed on their backs following recommended guidelines, and books are provided on mats. Caretakers are kindly requested to refrain from picking up children during nap time, but exceptions can be communicated in advance.

Transportation: We maintain two six-person strollers for walks and library trips. Field trips may be subject to adjustment based on current Covid policies.

Water Activities: Water activities are limited to small sensory tables and controlled use of sprinklers. Any additional water-related activities require caretaker permission slips.

Daily Schedule:


  • Morning Drop-off


  • Circle Time/Continued Drop-off Time


  • Morning Snack

  • Art

  • Outdoor Play

  • Sensory Activities

  • Free Play


  • Lunch

  • Story Time



  • Quiet Time



  • Afternoon Snack

  • Outdoor Play

  • Free Play


  • Close

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