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Nurturing Young Minds, Creating Bright Tomorrows

Our Owners

Jill Myers

Lacey Martin

Jill Myers is a dedicated and passionate co-owner of Timber Tops Dayhome. With a deep love for nurturing young minds, Jill brings invaluable expertise to the dayhome. Her warm and nurturing personality creates a welcoming environment for children and parents alike. Jill's commitment to providing a safe, educational, and fun space for children to thrive is evident in every aspect of Timber Tops Dayhome. She strives to foster a sense of community and collaboration among parentsWithsuring that every child receives the highest level of care and attention. Jill's hands-on approach, creativity, and genuine love for children make her an integral part of the Timber Tops Dayhome family.

Lacey started her journey in childcare as a young mom of twins. While working in a local center she went to school for her associates degree in Early Childhood Education. Eventually, she made her way to home childcare so she could be home with her four children. The ten years she spent at home caring for the children of Athens really shaped her and helped define what her core values are. Lacey believes children DESERVE the right to a magical childhood, with room to explore and thrive with a loving caregiver. The opportunity to open a center with her sister came two years ago. It’s been a roller coaster, but she loves the challenge. Lacey and Jill have big plans for Timber Tops and look forward to making those dreams a reality.

At Timber Tops, we believe in learning through play and providing a nurturing home-like environment for your little ones. Our childcare is designed to foster a love for learning, encourage critical thinking, effective communication, and hands-on exploration.


We understand that children thrive in an environment where they feel safe, comfortable, and encouraged to express themselves. That's why our dedicated team of caregivers creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere where your child can grow and develop their unique talents and abilities.

Through engaging activities and interactive play, we inspire curiosity and imagination. From arts and crafts to sensory experiences, we provide hands-on learning opportunities that stimulate cognitive, social, and emotional development. Our play-based approach ensures that education is fun and enjoyable for every child in our care.


Communication is key at Timber Tops. We value open lines of communication with parents and actively involve them in their child's learning journey. Our team provides regular updates on your child's progress, milestones, and daily experiences, ensuring you stay connected and informed every step of the way.


At Timber Tops, we are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where children can explore, learn, and grow. Join us on this exciting adventure as we nurture young minds, one play-filled day at a time.


Discover the joy of learning through play at Timber Tops Dayhome. Contact us today to schedule a visit and see firsthand how we are shaping the future, one playful moment at a time.

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